Established in 2000, Architectural Lighting Solutions offers cost-effective lighting design services to different market sectors around the world. The expertise of our professionals speaks volumes about ALS. We are more than 50 professionals working in different cities. Our team is composed of lighting geeks, theatrical specialists, builders, interior designers, and architects. In order to fix a problem, all of our professionals sit together. We have a passion for architectural lighting. We try our level best to tailor our services to cover the needs of each of our clients.


Our portfolio will show you a range of small projects. We offer a simple solution to big problems. The complexity doesn’t depend upon the size of the project. We always try our level best to pay attention to detail and listen to the needs of our clients. We work with our clients in order to ensure our design is right as far as finance and aesthetics are concerned.


We consider our client’s needs to design the lighting, but we can also create a magical design if the time is right. Lighting should be a beautifier in order to become the center of attention in any building. So, if you are looking for a  good provider to meet your architectural lighting needs, we suggest that you give us a call to find out more.